Wine Tastings for Tourists & Travelers, Austria

Fruit Wine Tastings in Vienna, Austria

Visit the Viennese Hindberry Fruchtwein Winery in Himberg/Pellendorf. Your trip and vacation to Vienna/Austria is not complete without tasting these unique fruity wines!

We offer Fruitwine and Fruitdessertwine Tastings in our Winery near Vienna International Airport. We are located in Pellendorf (Himberg) near the Hotel Radlinger. Special Offer for Viennese Tourists and Travelers in Austria. Viennese Wines not from vineyards but from orchards!

Sorry we don’t have a Heurigen or Bodega. We sell directly from the cellardoor to Fruitwine aficinados and wine customers. Come and enjoy a glass of wine in our Viennese fruitwine manufacture.

Viennese Fruitwine from Austria. What is Fruitwine?

It’s a special wine made only from fruits – wine without grapes! Like apple Cider, pear Perry, Cherrywine, Strawberrywine, Blackberry wine and Raspberrywine, tropical fruitwine like Bananawine, elderberrywine, blueberrywine and heavy-bodied Fruitliqueurs.

Handmade in small quantities near Vienna

Our Fruit-Dessertwines are handcrafted in a small batch family-owned fruitwinery. Our Hindberry Fruitwines are a composition of different berries and fruits fermented together. We want to bring out more vinous aromas most other fruit wines lack of. Hindberry Fruitwines are mainly produced as Assemblages. This means different fruits mixed together for a more complex wine taste like Bordeaux or other French Red Wines, cuvees and traditional field blends.

Bananawine Elderberrywine, Blueberrywine, Currantwine, Cassiswine

We offer:

Only very limited stock – for connoisseurs, aficinados and winelovers. 

We offer Fruitwine Tastings for international Travellers and Guests in english speech. We invite Tourists from Asia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, England, Kanada, USA and many countries more to taste Hindberry Fruitwine!

Find our winery Hindberry Fruchtwein on Tripadvisor. We offer Wine Tastings for Viennese Travelers and Tourists who are interested in culinary and wine.

Vienna Trips and City Breaks – Viennese Wine Tours and Tastings

We enjoy welcoming tourists and passengers in the Hindberry fruitwinery! City Breaks are perfect for a trip to a Heurigen. Combine your Vienna City Trip with a culinary event. A Vienna Visit is best finished with a Fruitwine Tasting.

We offer Viennese Fruit-Wine Tours and Tastings for Travellers. The Hindberry fruitwine manufacture is very close to vienna and can be reached by Bus 218 from Wien Simmering or Trailway Station Schwechat.

Taxis are also available for short taxi rides. The proximity to the Vienna International Airport, the airport Vienna-Schwechat, is also given.

Visit us and shop for a delicious gift in the fruit wine factory. Your unique souvenir from Vienna.

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We are open: (Open hours)

Monday and Wednesday: 19:00 – 21: 00

Friday and Saturday: 14:00 – 21: 00

Note: Currently I offer only cash payment, no Credit Card.

One may call my little fruit winery affectionately as Wiener Fruchtweinmanufaktur. Ok, the Fruitwine manufacture is strictly speaking not located in Vienna. But only a short distance outside the city. You can find it in the beautiful Lower Austria (10 minutes car drive from Vienna) .You will find the fruit wine factory in the immediate vicinity of the volunteer fire department Pellendorf directly on the Lanzendorferstrasse 27. We are located close to the Hotel Radlinger in Pellendorf.

Enjoy a fruit wine tasting in a relaxed family atmosphere! Before a purchase, tasting the fruit dessert wines is free. Please make a reservation and book a wine tasting beforehand as this facilitates the preparation for me.

Reservation/ Book a Tasting:

Contact me! Tel Nr: +432235/87506       +43680/13 25 128

Call me now!

I don’t run a Most-Heurigen and have only limited space for smaller groups. Singles as well as individuals are welcome too! No reason not to stop by at the Viennese Fruchtweinmanufaktur. I’m glad to welcome you outside of business hours. Come visit my fruit wine cellar. I only ask for a short telephone reservation.

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