Lazy Summer fruitwine (dessert wine)

Lazy Summer – strawberry wine and red currant wine

Our fruit dessert wine made from strawberry wine and red currant wine brings back the early summer. But unlike classic strawberry wine and currant wine, the fruit dessert wine Lazy Summer is oxidized like well-known dessert wines from spain, portual and italy.

Lazy Summer offers an interesting accompaniment to hard cheese, dried fruit, nuts and dessert. For those who like to experiment: try it with fish or steak. Unlike the well-known strawberry wine, Lazy Summer is oxidatively expanded together with red currant wine. The expansion of dessert wine in contact with air takes away the superficial fruitiness that is expected from strawberry wine.

14.5% vol. sweet 250ml

Strawberry wine currant wine Himberg Pellendorf fruit wine

€ 11.95 / 250ml (€ 47.80 / l)

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Fruit Winemaker’s Notes:

Strawberry wine and red currant wine expanded oxidatively

Lazy Summer strawberry wine currant wine fruit wine Vienna AustriaI have based Lazy Summer thematically on a Sherry Oloroso, Pale Cream Sherry and a Madeira. This means that various food recommendations are conceivable.

Like every dessert wine that has undergone oxidative aging, Lazy Summer made from strawberry wine and currant wine goes well with cakes and desserts. Serve with nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), olives and dried fruits (raisins, figs, fig compote, fig jam) with hard cheeses such as Parmesan, Cruyere or Comte.

Sherryed dessert wines with their slightly nutty taste harmonize wonderfully with dishes that contain nuts. Almond cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies are good combinations. English plum pudding for Christmas would also be a great idea or tiramisu.

Oxidative southern wines also go well with hearty and savory dishes. Note that Madeira wine is often used for cooking, deglazing and sauces. Much too good for fine fruit dessert wine!

I would rather recommend it with the following dishes – a tip for those keen to experiment who don’t want to be satisfied with dessert alone.

Seafood: fried spicy prawns, fish soup, swordfish steak, tuna steak, salmon and smoked salmon, salty fish like anchovies also go wonderfully with oxidized wines like strawberry wine and currant wine.

Meat: beef steak, roast beef, oxtail ragout, smoked duck.

Remember that it is usually less the meat than the sauce and spices that determine which wine you should choose with your meal. Due to the fruity strawberry aroma of the strawberry wine, oriental and Asian dishes are also possible. The subtle sweetness also goes wonderfully with the heat of the chilli.