Savanna bananawine (dessert wine)

Banana wine and banana dessert wine – Savanna

Fresh bananas refined into delicious banana wine. Exotic banana wine, a must for banana lovers.

Our noble banana dessert wine Savanna harmonizes wonderfully with exotic spices. Try it with nuts, chocolate, caramel, honey, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Our tip – homemade biscuits as well as Indian, African and exotic cuisine. Or drunk pure and ice-cold on the terrace in summer, banana wine is a pleasure.

14.5% vol. sweet 250ml

Savanna still life banana dessert wine elephant

€ 11.95 / 250ml (€ 47.80 / l)

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Notes from the fruit winemaker about the Savanna banana dessert wine:

Baobabs against sunset in African savannaBanana wine is not particularly extraordinary, even if you might think so at first glance. You can find this exotic fruit wine wherever bananas also grow. In the Caribbean, Asia, India and Africa. Yes even in the European Union on Tenerife. But banana wine is also made in Germany and Austria.

Beer is mainly brewed from the starchy banana. Followed by wine, liquor and spirits such as banana brandy. Because of the high sugar content, the banana is particularly suitable for fermentations. However, the juice is difficult to obtain. Therefore, processing the banana into beverages and banana wine in particular is a real challenge.

When visitors find out that I also sell banana wine, they are dying to try it. Some are enthusiastic and buy several bottles straight away, others are disappointed. You either like him or you don’t. It definitely doesn’t taste what you would expect. It smells of banana, but tastes more like lovely white wine and has only a subtle note of banana.

A question that I am asked very often: How is banana wine actually made?

With a lot of manual work. The bananas must first be peeled by hand. They are then fermented like any other fruit wine. Bananas are very difficult to press and have little juice. Therefore, they have to go through a maceration of several weeks before they become banana wine. The elaborate further processing to the finished banana dessert wine is only completed after pressing, filtering and several months of storage.

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