Rehlein fruitwine (dessert wine)

Rehlein – raspberry wine and blackberry wine as fruit dessert wine

The flagship of our berry wines, my Himberger raspberry wine. The german Word Rehlein means „Little Deer“ in English. I use raspberries for my deer, but also blackberries. For this extraordinary berry wine, raspberry wine and blackberry wine are assembled to the highest degree of elegance.

Rehlein, our finest fruit dessert wine. Raspberry wine is somewhat like raspberry punch, raspberry liqueur and raspberry jam. You can use yellow raspberries for raspberry wine but we use traditionally red ones for our berry wine. Blackberry wine brings somewhat bitter, earthy tones, forest floor and rose scent. Enjoy it with desserts with dark chocolate and cheesecake.

14.5% vol. sweet 250ml

Raspberry wine fruit wine Pellendorf Himberg Vienna fruit wine cellar

€ 11.95 / 250ml (€ 47.80 / l)

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Fruit Winemaker’s Notes on Rehlein fruit dessert wine:

Rehlein fruit dessert wine roe with green background raspberry blackberryThe raspberry was decisive in the name of the brand. The old English, forgotten word „hindberry“ as well as the now common „raspberry“ indicate the aromatic red berry. In Old High German, raspberry simply means hintperi – the berry of the hind, the deer.

Have you ever heard of Loganberry Wine? Or from Chombard liqueur from France? No? The loganberry is a cross between blackberry and raspberry and the Chombard is a French berry liqueur made from these two berries.

Loganberry Wine continues to win prizes at tastings in the USA. It is rightly one of the most delicious fruit wines. The combination of blackberry wine and raspberry wine is phenomenal.

A single-variety raspberry wine is good, very aromatic, but too one-dimensional for my taste and difficult to distinguish from a raspberry liqueur. Raspberry wine always has a touch of raspberry punch and raspberry jam. But the composition with blackberry wine gives it a little more depth and harsher tones. Darker color, wider body and a fuller, more complex, more vinous aroma.

With 14.5% vol. a substantial pleasure and a delicious berry wine. The elegant residual sweetness with well integrated fruit acid offers a nice experience with dark chocolate and cheesecake.