Deep dark fruitwine (dessert wine)

Deep Dark – fruit dessert wine temptation made from dark berry wines

Our deep dark bittersweet fruit dessert wine made from elderberry wine, red and black currant wine, blueberry wine and cranberry wine – ideal for connoisseurs. A temptation made from dark berry wines.

The berry wine reveals a robust flavor on the palate. Enjoy a perfect match with matured cheese and dark chocolate. But this berry wine is also a delicacy on its own as a liquid, full-bodied dessert!

14.5% vol. sweet 250ml

Elderberry wine Currant wine Blueberry wine Fruit wine

€ 11.95 / 250ml (€ 47.80 / l)

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Notes from the fruit winemaker on the Deep Dark fruit dessert wine

Deep dark fruit dessert ship by the seaElderberry wine, blueberry wine, currant wine and cranberry wine. They are all very strong berry wines with a bitter note.

I decided to press these dark forest berries together as an assemblage. The berries are fermented on the mash for several days according to my special recipe. The color and the tartness of currants and blueberries are transferred to the fruit wine. The harmonious overall impression of this berry wine is revealed by the composition of different berry fruits.

The joint expansion results in a nice, chocolaty fruit dessert wine made from dark forest berries. In the finish, the berry wine enchants with a light tannin and a nice interplay of acidity and residual sugar.

Berry wine can in principle also be matured dry. Depending on the composition, the taste is reminiscent of red wine. Due to the fruit acidity, berry wines are usually more tangy and lighter than red wine. Tannin is represented rather discreetly, which makes them appear slimmer overall.

Thematically and in terms of taste, Deep Dark is based on a Ruby Port. However, deep dark is not fortified with alcohol as is usual with port wine.

Slightly tart due to the dark berries, not too alcoholic but with 14.5% vol. sufficiently strong. The piquant fruit acid is rounded off with fine residual sweetness.

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