With Hindberry Fruchtwein around the world: Toddy – Palmwine

Palmwine, Toddy, is not made from the fruit but from fermented sap (plant juice) instead. Like Pulque in Mexico. In this case it’s not made from agaves but from different kinds of palm trees, e.g. palmyra, date and coconut palms. Toddy is made around the globe but mostly in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.

Palmwine tastes like apple must or cider and is fizzy like Federweißer. It can be distilled to produce Arrak. If the Toddy is not consumed immediately, it becomes palm vinegar very fast because of the hot climate and rapidly growing bacteria. If the sap (plant juice) is collected and heated/boiled you get a syrup and this firm and dried syrup is called palm sugar. It has only 40% of the sweetness of our known raffinated sugar.


7 thoughts on “With Hindberry Fruchtwein around the world: Toddy – Palmwine

  1. Vedangee Ambekar

    I have had palm wine.. its strong! At my grandmother’s place they extract it twice. One batch in the morning and another in the afternoon. The one in the morning tastes sweeter and is mild. When extracted in the evening the taste changes to little tangy, because of the sun this one is more fermented.

    • Hindberry Fruchtwein

      sounds very interesting :-) Thanks for commenting. I made the Around the World Series for showing that there are very different traditional alcoholic beverages around the world. They are very pure and natural.

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