Non alcoholic Mulled Wine Recipe homemade punch

Non-alcoholic mulled wine (fruit punch) for adults, homemade

The best ingredients, a proven recipe and many years of experience – that’s what makes a delicious punch. Homemade mulled wine (fruit punch) of course! Whether with alcohol or non-alcoholic mulled wine (children’s punch). My perfect Christmas punch for adults is homemade non-alcoholic fruit punch. The perfect punch and mulled wine for everyone – adults, children and especially drivers. Enjoyment without alcohol.

Glühwein alkoholfreiBut what is punch anyway? The word comes from Indian and means 5 ingredients.

  • Arrak (brandy)
  • sugar
  • Lemon, orange or bitter orange juice
  • water
  • and spices (tea, cinnamon, cloves, etc.).

The brandy is often replaced by rum, brandy and / or wine. The spices are variable. Cinnamon and cloves are the most common, but vanilla sugar is also used as a sweetener.

Is mulled wine alcoholic?

Mulled wine is usually alcoholic because it is made of heated wine. Non alcoholic mulled wine can be made of alcohol-free wine (non alcoholic wine) or of fruit juice with spices. Then this non alcoholic mulled wine doesn’t contain alcohol an can be consumed by children too. It is just heated juice with spicy ingredients – safe for kids.

 Mulled wine and punch at the Christmas market

Now the time is slowly starting again when the mulled wine pots, punch cookers and mulled wine cups are unpacked at Christmas markets in Winter. Punch or children’s punch is mostly used as a punch concentrate, filled in 10 liter canisters.

Many say punch without alcohol, it can’t taste good. For a long time I used red wine, cinnamon, cloves, tea, orange juice, vanilla sugar, sugar and a dash of rum to make homemade punch. Finding the right mix is ​​the real art. The only thing that helps here is taste and taste, and of course a lot of experience until the punch tastes the way it should taste. It can’t be too sweet, too sour or too alcoholic. The aroma of the spices, vanilla and rum must be deliciously integrated in the drink.

The demand for non-alcoholic fruit punch and children’s punch is definitely there. In order to be able to offer children and drivers a fruity punching experience, I did some research on the Internet. I read through recipes and took a closer look at fruity punch variants in stores. What’s in it and what could you „slip“?

Punch and mulled wine are already ready to drink for bulk consumers. It is enough to warm it up slightly in the mulled wine cooker, but not to boil it. Wine, spices and flavors, everything included, ready-to-use.

It is often advertised not to use artificial flavors. But nature-identical flavors are also created artificially in the laboratory and natural flavors are often obtained by fermentation by mold. These beverage ingredients no longer have much in common with real fruits and the spicy scent of rum from the Caribbean Islands, except for the aroma that reminds us of it.

Homemade fruit punch and mulled wine recipe non-alcoholic

I had picked out a few recipes and compared them. I then came up with my own mulled wine recipe. It’s not that difficult to mix a few ingredients and spices together and season to taste. Of course, I also had to test beforehand how the results turned out – and I was immediately enthusiastic and convinced.

Punch and mulled wine works without alcohol. It tastes absolutely unbeatable. There is no witchcraft involved and it works very easily.

So if you don’t know how many guests you are expecting and maybe some cancel or unexpectedly more guests come, the basic non alcoholic mulled wine recipe for our children’s punch is ideal. This can then be expanded as required.

Früchtepunsch alkoholfrei

Basic recipe: Alcohol-free fruit punch

  • 1L naturally cloudy apple juice
  • 1L black currant nectar
  • Juice of one orange
  • 2 cloves, a pinch of cinnamon

further options for those keen to experiment:

  • Water – if necessary to reduce the sweetness and acidity a little.
  • Elderberry juice instead of or in addition to currant.
  • other berry and fruit juices to taste, e.g. blueberry.
  • if you would like it to be even fruity – multivitamin juice, yes, it is also very good in fruit punch, you hardly believe it is like that!

With this basic non alcoholic mulled wine recipe you can prepare delicious fruit punch. The spices can of course be changed depending on your mood. Then it becomes a real Christmas punch for adults. The joy of experimentation is not diminished.

If you like it tropical maybe combine some pineapple juice with freshly squeezed orange juice. For red wine lovers, a dark berry punch made from elderberry, blueberry and currant might be an idea. The apple juice is rather neutral but fruity without being too much in the foreground. It is therefore an excellent way to curb the bitter aroma of currant or elderberry. How about an orange and ginger punch with apple juice. Not only fruity but also fiery-hot and completely without alcohol! I recommend adding untreated oranges directly to the punch. You see, it’s not difficult to make an adult non-alcoholic punch. But isn’t there still something missing? Clear!

Pimp my punch

Pimping is ideal for everyone who doesn’t want to do without their Christmas punch with alcohol. Add either a shot of red wine and / or rum to the hot fruit punch and enjoy. For other punch variations there are of course various liqueurs and spirits. Let your creativity run free. For tropical punch, for example coconut or passion fruit liqueur or lime and tequila etc.

The advantage of this method: it doesn’t smell unpleasant like boiled alcohol, punch and mulled wine in the winter night air. With this variant, no alcohol boils off. Each guest doses exactly the amount they want.

If more guests unexpectedly come, the non-alcoholic basic punch is quickly refilled and more is provided. In addition, children and adults can drink from a mulled wine cooker, which significantly reduces the effort required to offer different punch variations for different target groups.

We were more than satisfied with this solution at our winter garden parties. Because if there is some punch left over, you can drink it the next day without hesitation, as it is alcohol-free. As a rule, there is hardly a larger amount left, since, as I said, it is very easy to add more.

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