BDSM @ the winery? Regular’s table anyone?

What do you think about a regular’s table at the winery and talking about bdsm?

Fruitwine & bdsm? No way! Hindberry Geschenkbox verpacken Weihnachtskarte

You’ve read Shades of Grey? You watched the movie? You are curious? You tried this and that with your boyfriend or you have no boyfriend at all? This is an offering to women and couples. Sorry no single men. This is no dating service.

What is the difference between using handcuffs in bed with your boyfriend and bdsm?

You say that using handcuffs is kinky but not bdsm? Or you say that there is no difference because using handcuffs = bdsm. You are terribly wrong, both ways.

Bdsm is all about safety, the usage of the right tools and hazard prevention. Rule One. Nobody should get hurt, ever, physically and emotionally. You should always have a plan B, C, D, … if plan A doesn’t work. And all involved people want to play and are not persuaded into trying it out or forced to. Bdsm is never absusive. So you should rethink the dom part of Mr.Grey. Using feelings for manipulative acts and pushing someone into games that are not safe –  is not bdsm it’s abusion. Did I mention the cable ties? Not cool!

Bdsm is all about learning about yourself, your limits, your boundaries and how far you want to go. It’s not about higher-faster-further. Skip this! You should think about it beforehand. Talk about it with your partner. Talk again. Go slow. Stop. Go slow another day and don’t push it. It’s all about the players and not the game. Inexperienced Beginners are easy prey – they want to learn and are more curious than cautious. So first rule: Know and Trust the Person you will submit to, 100%.

I stick to Sun Tzu: Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster

Who is this for?

You are a beginner and want to know more about safety issues, safewords, red-yellow-green Code and the softer games of bdsm? Bdsm is not all about whips and chains, masters and slaves. Bdsm has not to be painful and you don’t have to integrate all varieties into your game. If you don’t like bondage, skip it! There are millions of soft bdsm games for vanilla couples. They follow the bdsm rules of safe-sane-and-consensual (SSC). What about feathers, brushes, forks, blindfolds, playing with the senses, mild forms of power exchange and devotion? Bdsm doesn’t have to lead to sexual acts. Think about it as a way of foreplay and petting. Think about it as deepening your relationship and getting to know each other better.

There are lots of „How-to-bdsm“ sites on the internet. No I don’t mean bdsm porn sites. You can find lots of information if you’re really interested. So no need to come around. If you want to talk, leave a comment or write an email.

What we’ll talk about at the regular’s table?

First of all we drink a glass of wine to break the ice and celebrate that you had the courage to come around. It’s my first time too – cheers! We don’t play. And we don’t have to necessarily talk about bdsm if you’re uncomfortable with that, it’s just a meet and greet. Getting to knew new people that share an interest. No more, no less. But you can certainly ask questions and share your thoughts. Let me know what you think about.

Are you cool with Monday 19:00-21:00 Bdsm @ Hindberry Fruchtwein? Please contact me – please note that you need to notify your arrival. I have to arrange something and there is only capacity for max. 6 visitors. Come first, serve first. Limited Membership only.

Hairstyle in the Winery

Heute kam unter anderem auch Amira Cermak, von Mobilfriseurin aus Leopoldsdorf, mit ihrer Familie zum Haarschnitt bei Hindberry Fruchtwein vorbei. So eine Friseurparty könnte man sicher öfters bei uns machen.

Haare schneiden lassen und dazu Fruchtweine verkosten? Na wenn das kein Plan ist. Gut, fahren muss dann halt wer anderer 😉 Bei Interesse nehmen Sie mit mir oder ihr Kontakt auf! Jederzeit gerne. Ich würde mich freuen

Meine Oster-Verkostungsaktion lief noch. Es wurden fleißig die neuen Sorten verkostet. Zwar sind die neuen Frucht(dessert)weine noch nicht ganz fertig aber doch schon äußerst süffig, fast trocken im Geschmack und pikant säuerlich also ideal zur Brettljause mit Kümmelbraten, Speck und Salami.

Brombeer/Himbeer, Erdbeer/Ribisel und Apfel/Quitte/Birne. Als Aperitif gab es noch Bananendessertwein.

Savanna Fruchtdessertwein Affenbrotbäume gegen Sonnenuntergang in afrikanischer Savanne