Aurelia fruitwine (dessert wine)

Aurelia – fruit dessert wine made from apple wine, pear wine and quince wine

Our fruit dessert wine made from apples, quinces and pears is committed to tradition. Apple wine, quince wine and pear wine developed together as a fruit dessert wine.

Our Aurelia fruitwine composition made from pome fruit appears fairytale-like and classy and is therefore the perfect accompaniment to cinnamon apple pie and cheddar cheese.

14.5% vol. sweet 250ml

Fruit dessert wine Aurelia Apple Quince Pear Himberg Pellendorf fruit wine

€ 11,95 / 250ml (€ 47,80 / l)

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Notes from the fruit winemaker on the Aurelia fruit dessert wine

Aurelia fruit dessert wine apple trees full of apples in gloomy lightApples, quinces and pears are mainly used to make apple cider (hard cider) and in winter even ice cider (Canada). Cider is the most traditional of all fruit wines. In Austria, apple wine is called cider. Apple (and pear) must is the most common fruit wine made.

There has been cider since Charlemagne. It is offered in so-called Heckenwirtschaften and cider bars in Germany. The Äpplewoi is served from the traditional jug called the Bembel.

The new light or the old (as the old vintage is called) is drunk in the ribbed (glass). In some places the service is still known. This is a cider that is mixed with the unripe fruits of the sparrowhawk tree. A fruit similar to the rowanberry.

Pome fruit wine is one of the few fruit wines that are light and golden yellow in color. In addition to cider, they also include pear and quince wine. The pome fruit itself also includes medlar and asperl.

The combination of apple wine, quince wine and perry wine is supposed to give our dessert wine more complexity. Aurelia means „made of gold“. I chose this name because of the beautiful golden yellow color of the fruit dessert wine.

The apple is a special symbol. The golden orb. The golden apple in Norse and Greek mythology. Vienna the golden apple during the Turkish siege. The apple as a symbol in fairy tales like Snow White.

Tasting note: Classy and fairytale. Delicate aroma. Reminiscent of honey wine or a late harvest with a hint of ice wine and sherry.

I recommend it with cinnamon apple pie and spicy cheddar.

Apples on the tree

What is a quince, please?

At tastings, I am very often asked why my fruit dessert wine Aurelia also contains quinces in addition to apples and pears.

The quince is also a pome fruit and gives off a scent of nutmeg and honey. But it is not as well known as apples and pears and is one of the neglected types of fruit. Processing them at home is very time-consuming. Quinces are hard in their raw state and bitter and almost inedible due to the high tannin and tannin content. The fruit is only opened after cooking. In addition to quince juice and quince wine, liqueurs (quince liqueur) and spirits (quince brandy) are also made from it.

Because of the high pectin content, it is mostly used in the kitchen to make jam and quince cheese / quince bread  fruit confectionery, dried quince puree ). The word jam comes from the Portuguese where the quince is called „marmelo“. In Greek it means honey-apple.

In my pomaceous fruit wine it is responsible for a certain tannin structure and a delicate nutmeg tone. Apple wines and pear wines are relatively neutral and inconspicuous. But thanks to quince wine, Aurelia gets an additional fruity-tart note.

In addition to a mixture of different types of apples, Braeburn and Granny Smith apples were used and, of course, concentrated apple juice was used. Aurelia is not a real apple ice wine, but I already had the image of a rich dessert wine in my head – aromas of apple, nutmeg and honey, piquant acidity and pleasant residual sweetness.