Golser Beer Tasting

We visited the Golser Brewery on Thuesday and decided to make a beer tasting today.

Golserbräu Hindberry Fruchtwein Gols Bier Brauerei

Fruitwine and Beer – why not! Boys like beer and girls enjoy fruitwine! The perfect match.

Golserbräu Hindberry Fruchtwein Gols Bier Brauerei

We had the Golser Premium Beer, the Bullig (a Bock beer), a Shandy (it’s called a Radler in Austria – a beer and citrus lemonade mix), the Rotgold which is a dark beer with caramel notes like toffee or butter scotch candies, a pale ale with lemon-secented thyme and herbs from Burgenland and Kästensud a beer brewed with chestnuts, which is only available seasonal. They are all very unique and drinky.

The Golser Brewery is a small and a very local brewery and selling to visitors and markets in the locality. There are some traders in Vienna but they are very rare. If you want to visit the Neusiedlersee or the Outletcenter Parndorf or Podersdorf, Mönchhof, Neusiedl am See you should visit Gols and the Golser Brewery.

You can taste all beers at the bar before you purchase them. For free! This is a very special service. We were impressed, tasted many of them and took different beers to drink and taste at home. Highly recommended

From my point of view it was very interesting. I took impressions from the point of sale and the selling room. How others make their business and how can I learn from them. The Visitor can watch through windows and see the Brewery from inside and the workers doing things. It’s a very small brewery so the tanks are not that big and you get that feeling watching them work and handling the hoses and filters while you stand at the bar and drinking ice cold freshly tapped beer. And as I’ve said you can taste them all. It was a very hot day and it was noon. We were thirsty and hungry and it was very refreshing. You buy that feeling too. You can smell the brewery and you are inside the whole brewing process while standing at the bar – that was striking!

Coming back soon – Empties may be returned….

What beer was the best? Hm we liked the …  the most. Ok find out for yourself ;-) You will not be disappointed


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