The history of alcohol

The History of Alcohol

Today I only post a short video and some infos for you about the history of alcohol.

As you might know that some alcoholic beverages were left out in this video. Pulque, Kumis, Ricewine and so on.

Want to know more about the history of alcohol? Read my Series „With Hindberry Fruchtwein around the World“. There are very different sources for alcoholic beverages.

Short overview about my blog posts

Tree and plant saps

  1. Beer
  2. Sake – Ricewine
  3. Kvass
  1. Apple Cider
  2. Grapes
  3. Nuts

Animal Source

Want to know more? Please write and comment – I may add more information if you are interested. The topic is very deep and can be expanded if needed. But I didn’t want to make it too complicated for you to read.

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