Have you ever heard of Loganberries?

Himbeerdessertwein Pralinen Schokolade Likörgläser

Blackberries, Raspberries = Loganberries

Years ago we opened a bottle of aged raspberrywine, to be specific raspberrydessertwine. It was well aged and had the colour of cognac und smelled seductively of sun-ripened raspberries.

A marvelous bouquet in the nose and a warm sweetness on the tongue. Chocolate pralines were the perfect match to pair it with. We asked ourselves if this could be a market niche. Producing raspberrydessertwine. I played long ago with the thought to produce fruitwine commercially. But had not the balls to do it.

I made a long internet recherche. There existed very few producers on the market, at least in Austria. There are big companies in the German-speaking world but the smaller ones are mostly local farmers.

Raspberrydessertwine is a rarity because raspberries are expensive. A Tv-Report made me curious and set the ball rolling and I informed myself about the legal parameters und got in contact with administrative bodies. It was clear that there won’t be Raspberrywine solely and I developed Prototypes and a business plan.

This happend some time ago: but Hindberry Fruchtwein sells no Raspberrydessertwine by now! Sure we should sell it because it is the basis of Hindberry and Himberger Himbeerwein (Raspberrywine from Himberg) would be a very good slogan. Right?

Brombeeren schwarze roteHave you ever heard of Loganberry Wine? Or Chombard Liqueur from France? No?

The loganberry is a cross-breeding between blackberry and raspberry and the Chombard Liqueur is a french Berry-Liqueur made of these two berries.

Loganberry Wine always wins gold medals in competitions and Tastings in the USA. I made a prototype and the tasting confirmed this. Even old-English Literature and books about fruitwinemaking promote the blending of these two berries over Single-Fruit Fruitwines. A delicious combination indeed.

Dark colour, full body, complex aroma. Therefore I produced „Rehlein„.

Raspberrydessertwine is good but the Assemblage pushes you over the edge. All my creations had gone through a creative process and had been refined. I never leave well done with the very first.

In Winemaking you can’t control and guide everything a 100% sometimes you have to sit back and wait and have confidence that in the end everything will be fine. Or hope so.

Winemaking is Art. It’s a process the human can only accompany. Some things are only controlable to a small degree. You have to learn that and let go. Take the result and accept it. With the next batch everything will be different and it starts anew.

We will stick to that taste of our fruitwines and try to produce roughly the same results again and again. It depends on the fruit and the sources but natural variations are possible. But that’s the thing about wine – you always have to taste it and come back again to try the new batch. It’s exciting to learn about the differences and nuances – and so it never get’s boring. Hope you enjoy!