Raspberrywine from Himberg

Himberger Himbeerwein

In the market town of Himberg, near Vienna, no vineyards or winemakers exist. The town’s chronicle mentioned a small vineyard back in the middle ages, but it vanished as time went by.

The Himbergers make trips to visit Heurigen in the neighborhood, Velm and Münchendorf, as well as the Triestingtal Radweg leading to Trumau which offer beautiful excursions in the warm season. (Find out more about bicycle-trips and a visit/tasting at the Hindberry winery). You may assume the Himbergers a desire for wine (but not Himbeerwein). Seefeld-Kadolz in the Weinviertel is also the partner town of Himberg.

It was clear that someone has to make raspberry or hindberry wine in Himberg

The idea was born long ago. I produced Raspberry Fruitdessertwine for family and friends as a hobby and served it to special occasions and festivities. It was my best fruitwine with highest appealing

For the brand-naming of Hindberry Fruchtwein the raspberry was decisive. The Old English word hindberry means raspberry. But it’s an old term, that is no longer in use nowadays. In the Old High German the word hindberry means hintperi – the berry of the hind/deer.

Old and forgotten – like the wisdom of handcrafted fruitwines

Rehlein Fruchtdessertwein Reh mit grünem Hintergrund Himbeer Brombeer

In the heraldy of Hintperg, as Himberg was former known in the middle ages, you can find a deer, a hind standing on a rock. Hind & perg (mountain)

To make the wordplay with Hindberry perfect, a small red miniature dog similar to a small deer decorates our Logo – small, sweet and not to be underestimated – like your fruitwines.

The outcome was our „Rehlein“ – a Fruitdessertwine from blackberries and raspberries. You may call it the flagship wine of Hindberry Fruchtwein or at least the fundament. Read more about our Rehlein

A varietal raspberry fruitwine may be good, very aromatic, but too simple for my taste and hardly to differentiate from a raspberry liqueur. But the composition with blackberries led to real perfection, more depth and a broader fuller vinous taste.

With 14,5%Vol. a rich drink. Elegant sweetness with very good integrated fruit acid. A wonderful drinking experience with dark chocolate and Cheesecake.

Learn more about pairing fruitwine with chocolate here.

Come, visit and taste Hindberry Fruchtwein – or order online

Rehlein Stilleben Produktpräsentation Hirschschatten gegen Wand und Flasche

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