Alcohol with nuts

Nuts and fermented spirits and liqueur

Fermenting nuts is very uncommon to make alcohol. Hard nuts contain fat and that turns rancid when it oxidises and nuts can’t be liquidised. So making wine would be impossible. But you can ferment chestnuts, yes it works, and distill a fine vodka like spirit. Read here

Or you can make a beer from chestnuts like the Golser Brauerei – it’s called „Kästensud“

As mentioned before coconut wine is rather produced from palm sap than from real coconuts. But it is possible to make wine from coconut water after the coconuts have been cracked open and the water adjusted with additives like acid, nutrients and sugar. Some wineries do that but it’s very rare.

Some Home wine making recipes call for Almond wine (should taste like Amaretto) and other very exotic experiments but the addition of nuts (or aroma) is primary for flavouring the finished wine than for fermentation.

One product better known for making wine from nuts is – the walnut. But not the hard nuts that are harvested in Autumn. No. You just harvest the green juicy nuts in the End of June. There are different recipes. Some prolong the fermentation of green nuts but the nuts are very adstringent and don’t ferment very well. So it’s only a flavouring thing too. Often it’s suggested to macerate the green nuts in alcohol like wine or spirits.

The product we are talking about is: Vin de Noix. Here is a recipe from Provence, France,if you want to try that at home. I’ve done it with white wine and it aged very well. You can use it as an aperitif or digestif and compare it to sherry or a sweet dessertwine depending on the amount of sugar you added. If the alcohol content is over 15%Vol. you can age it for years without loosing quality or taste.

If you like it sweet and heavy – walnut liqueur, Nocino – is for you.

other Nuts like pistacios are also used. No not really. But the roots and resin of the mastic tree (pistacio tree) is used in Greece to produce Mastika.

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