dark chocolate dunkle Schokolade 70% Kakao

Pairing Wine with Chocolate and Candy

Chocolate and sweet Wine

Why are Wine & Chocolate not so good friends as you might think?

Himbeerwein mit Pralinen SchokoladeBecause chocolate is fat and fat numbs the taste buds. Remember chocolate kills subtile aromas so you need to pair it with a rubust and heavy wine. Sweet Wine and chocolate can be allies if you follow some easy rules:

  • The wine should be sweeter than the chocolate (or dessert without chocolate) otherwise the wine will taste bitter and sour. Sugar can overwhelm dry wines, so it’s wiser to use at least semisweet wines.

Erdbeerwein Social Wine Camembert Brie MarmeladeBut note (we’ve talked it over and it’s a suggestion from my brother-in-law): sometimes it’s not so bad to combine a sweet dessert with a dry wine. If you are not a sweet tooth and want to neutralize the sweetness (e.g. of a sticky strawberry jam) a light fizzy white or sparkling wine would do the trick. Otherwise the sweetness of the dessert and the sweetness of the wine add-up and the result will be too sweet for some people. Some people are looking for a counter-part and may not agree with the Sweet-dessert+Sweet-wine-Rule. Tastes are different and rules are only guidelines. Drink as you like and enjoy! Please comment and tell me your personal opinion on this topic!

  • The darker and/or full bodied the wine, the darker the chocolate. Pair white or milk chocolate with white dessert wines (Ice wines, Tokaji, Vin Santo, Late Harvest). Sparkling wines (Muscat, Asti, Champagne) are versatile and work well with nearly all kinds of chocolate and desserts. Heavy and fortified wines (Port, Sherry, Banyuls) work better with dark chocolate. Try caribbean rum and whiskey with dark chocolate too!

dark chocolate dunkle Schokolade 70% Kakao

Some people don’t eat finest 70% Chocolate from Ecuador, Trinidad etc. They don’t like the bitter taste. They eat their chocolate in form of sweet candy bars and fancy chocolate beans without mentioning the well known brand names ;-) and of course gummi bears! I’ve found a nice and funny guide Candy and wine matchmakerwine matchmaker and how to pair wine with candy.  There are people out there who like to pair their Halloween Candies with wine. Ok?! But let’s be fair, you can pair chocolate Easter Eggs with wine too! In case you need some suggestions….

Fruitwines pair well with fruit desserts and chocolate. You can find our own recommendation on the backlabel of our bottles and our Wines Site. Feel free to share favorite recipes with chocolate or fruit cakes, cupcakes, tartes and so on.

If you are from Austria and want some suggestions for tasty handmade chocolate and pralines:

Rohe Vegane Bio Schokolade

Sandras süße Konfektion

Please contact me if you produce chocolate in Austria too.

Wine & Cheese pairing?  – follow my next post on the wine blog.