Submit your favorite recipe with Bananas

Bananen geschält Hindberry FruchtweinLast week I bought nearly 100kg Bananas to start the next batch of banana wine. Now they are all done. This week more Bananas will follow. So the peeling by hand will go on. ;-)

On Friday I had to grab a few Bananas and try a Banana Pancake recipe. Just Bananas, milk, flour (spelt and wheat), salt, baking powder and an egg. All mixed together till the dough is ready, I don’t care about the quantities. Cooking is passion. The easier the recipe the better.

The cancakes were served with maple syrup. Delicious

I think spicy Indian or African Cuisine would go well with the sweet Banana wine, also (christmas) cookies with cinnamon and clove.What’s your opinion? What dishes would you pair with Banana wine?

What is your favorite recipe with Bananas? Can be sweet or spicy/savoury.

Submit a link to your blog and I will post it here if I’m allowed to. You can submit it by comment also if you like


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