Today: Making Banana Wine

Banana dessert wine – Fruitdessertwine from Bananas

I’ve started a new Batch of „Savanna“ – Fruit dessert wine from Bananas or simply Banana dessert wine.

frische Bananen Bananendessertwein Savanna Hindberry Fruchtwein Pellendorf

Is Bananawine very special? No not really. You can find Banana wine wherever Bananas grow. Beverages from Bananas are produced in the Carribean, in Asia, in India and Africa. Even in the European Union on Teneriffa. But Bananawine is also made from imported bananas in Germany and Austria.

frische Bananen Bananendessertwein Savanna Hindberry Fruchtwein Pellendorf

Most often beer is brewed from Bananas, Wine, Liquer and Spirits. Because of the high sugar content it’s a good source for fermentation but it’s hard to extract juice from it. So it’s challenging.

Read what Dominic Rivard wrote about Bananawine in his Article „Bananawine in East Africa“ Bananawine in Tanzania is produced a little bit different than here in Austria at Hindberry Winery. Fruitdessertwines are not cheap booze because they are made of fruits other than grapes. They can be high class speciality wines – if made properly.

Savanna Stilleben Bananendessertwein ElefantWhen people find out that there is Bananawine ready for a free tasting, they curiously try a glass – some are disappointed others are pleased and very surprised and buy a bottle or two right away. It seems that people like it or hate it. YES it smells and tastes like banana and NO it does not – different from what you may have expected. It’s not that simple to explain. I’m afraid you have to try it yourself. Beside that, everybody wants to know how Bananawine is made, because you can’t squeeze out the juice. And there are always doubting and asking faces mit big question marks.

We just peel the Bananas (a lot of handwork), add sugar, acid, water and wine yeast – that’s all. Then we wait a month, press it (very messy indeed)

Bananen geschält Hindberry Fruchtweinand wait again many long months and – Voila!

Our Bananwine is ready for shipping. Ok we have to bottle it first ;-) But then it’s ready for shipping. Meanwhile we taste and measure and taste and let the wine age till it’s on it’s peak and really delicious.

So Bananawine is your favorite fruit wine?

No, BanSavanna Fruchtdessertwein Affenbrotbäume gegen Sonnenuntergang in afrikanischer Savanneanawine is not my own favorite. I prefer the dark berry wines.

But the Ladies like Bananawine a lot and that’s the reason why I make it – and it’s a tropical fruit wine too. If served cool it’s easy drinking and fragrant and they love to relax sipping a glass on sunday.

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