Tropical Fruitwine from Jabuticaba?

The Jaboticaba is a tropical fruit. It is fermented to a grape-like low acid red fruitwine high in tannins with notes of black cherry, black currant, cranberry, pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Sounds good to me. There are very few tropical fruits that yield red wine. So this is very special. Almost all tropical fruits suit white, yellow, orange and pink wines in colour and only the pomegranate has enough tannins and colour for a red wine.

Youtube Video – about Jabuticaba – The Brazilian Grape Tree

Jabuticaba – one of the next projects for Hindberry Fruitwine? What do you think?

Jabuticaba can’t be shipped to Austria – and Brazil is far away.

So I have to improvise and do it the Hindberry Way.

I will blend stonefruits and berries and smooth out the taste with spices. I have a full-bodied fruit wine in mind, not sweet but dry in this case. Fat, luscious and bold with 14% to 15%Vol. for a good shelf life.

I love red wine and two years ago I made a berry wine that tasted like an Italian Red. Family and friends loved it. So it’s possible to craft a very palatable dry fruit wine with different berries. Adding stonefruits to berries would round up the body and taste a lot. I think this combination works very well. Spices in wine and spirits are tricky. You all know Grandmother’s or Aunt’s liqeur with cinnamon and cloves or the Mulled Wine with .. too much Spices. So it’s hard to find the right amount to push the taste but not overwhelm it. This would be the hardest part.

Fruitdessertwines need to be sweet – but in this case I would label it „Aromatisierter Obstwein“ and can finish it dry. Making dry fruit wine is very challenging because fruits are not grapes and you need lots of sugar-free extract to give it lots of body to compensate it’s origin and you have to manage acid as well.

A small batch would be fun to try and taste. What’s your opinion?