5 Incredible Questions about Fruitwine

What would you ask about fruitwine?

5 incredible Questions about fruitwine. What would you ask?Deep Dark Stilleben Produktpräsentation Camembert Schokolade Dessertweinglas

  1. Have you ever tasted Fruitwine?
  2. What’s your favorite Fruit for Fruitwine?
  3. What kind of Fruitwine do you prefer? Dry, Sweet, Table, Dessert, Port, Sparkling or other
  4.  What kind of food would you pair it with? Cheese, Cake/Dessert, Chocolate or other
  5.  When would you drink Fruitwine? Aperitif, Lunch, Dinner, Picknick, in front of the fireplace or other

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Fruitwine is more common in USA, Canada, Asia and northern countries of the EU e.g. Britain, Denmark and parts of Germany, Netherlands and Poland. Cider is known in Spain and France as well.

Fruitwine can be made almost of any fruit possible. If it contains Sugar it can be fermented. It’s a Question of Taste and legal matters/Laws. But some rare fruits can be poisonous too and it’s not recommended to produce wine from.

HimbeereApples, Pears and Quince are often used for Ciders and Perries. Berries amd Stonefruits are made into Tablewines, sweet Dessertwines and heavy Ports. The same Wine-Styles are possible with Grapes AND Fruits. Even Icewines can be made from extracted, concentrated juices. So why not try Fruitwines?

Most fruitwines are produced in the Low-End Sector. They earn no regard from the Wine Industry. Often used as a poor amd cheep Substitute for „real“ Wine from Grapes. But that’s only half of the Story. There are very remarkable Beverages made out of Fruits in the High End Sector that rival Grape Wines.

It requires a high Degree of Passion and Love for the Product. Fruitwines are filled to the bursting point with Aromas. The real Fruit Aromas – not the ones you may or may not smell and taste in a Grape Wine. It’s often argumented that inexperienced Drinkers would stick to fruitwines because they are easier to enjoy. They smell and taste good and you don’t need to learn something about Vines, Grapes and Wines. Fruitwines are straight forward.

But the more sophisticated Winedrinker should not overlook the Diversity that Fruitwines bear. Have you ever tasted a Fruitwine made out of different Fruits and you couldn’t tell what’s the Wine made of? Different Berries fermented together that taste like an Italian Style Red Wine? No hint if it’s Grape or Passionfruit? It’s up to the skill of the Winemaker to create a Vision and a New Horizon to the exciting topic of Fruitwine. Come along on this Journey and taste for yourself.

You have a sweet tooth and like it bold and voluptuous, you may fall in love with Fruitdessertwines

Hindberry Fruitwine is produced in Austria. Yes the Grape Wine Country – very hard indeed for Fruitwine. My small Batch Winery is located in the Southeast only a few minutes by car from Vienna in a very small village called Pellendorf, near Himberg. Make a Visit if you are in Austria/Vienna. At my Winery you can taste my Fruitwines and of course purchase them. See you soon @HindberryFruchtwein.

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